Welcome to my blog about my quilting journey! I started quilting in 2006 with a quilt of my own design which started as a cushion cover and ended up as a single bed sized quilt! Now I'm totally hooked. I'm not sure who else would be interested in reading my blog but here it is in any case!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Freebie Quilt Finished Awaiting Quilting

A little while back I mentioned receiving a paper bag from the teller in the bank. Unfortunately it wasn't a sample bag of cash but some unfinished blocks made from a jelly roll. Jenny isn't very adventurous with quilting and got put off when her blocks weren't turning out exactly the right size and lost interest in the project. I tried to convince her to simply square everything up as she went but turns out that's not her thing!

So lucky me I ended up with lots of lovely fabric bits.  By the time I got them together I was a couple of blocks short to make a quilt the size I wanted as there was one fabric I didn't want to use and the leftovers weren't quite big enough to use.

Luckily for me the lovely Pip offered me some leftover pieces she had from the same designer which co-ordinated beautifully with what I had already and I was able to make enough blocks to end up with a square lap size quilt.

My quilting assistant Livvie of course was assisting me with the correct placement of the blocks!

The finished quilt top:

Then came the hunt for a backing fabric. I had one of those wonderful moments in finding just the right fabric which turned out to be on clearance and saved me plenty! I love it when everything falls into place like that. Its a lovely mix of raspberry and caramel, hmmm sounds tasty doesn't it?

I'm going to give this quilt to my sister in law who is turning 50 late this month so I need to get it quilted! Luckily I'm off to a sewing retreat this weekend and I have got it pinned and ready to get stuck into when I get there.

A big thank you to Pip for her generosity in giving me her fabric to allow me to finish this one. If ever I can help you out Pip you know I will! And of course a big thank you to Jenny at the bank for gifting me the original fabric. I have shown her a photo of my progress and she's glad that I have finished the quilt off. I'm glad the fabric didn't go to waste!

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mariner's Compass Quilt Progress

Well my Mariner's Compass quilt was my August project but is now also my September UFO project! Luckily my UFO project (No. 5 this month) is only to make some 'crumb' blocks from my tiny scrappy bits and they are not urgent at all.

I have made some progress already as I had some blocks cut out ready to sew at the end of last month so I look like I've really been working hard!  I now have all my block centres done ready to frame up.

I've already shown you this one, I have four of these:

I've also done four of these. I tried the split points on these.
The background fabric on the ones above is a map of the world and the lighter fabric in the split star is London themed. I'm making this quilt for my brother and he likes to travel, his daughter is currently living in London and he loves the sea and sailing. I'm trying to get the feeling of the seaside in these blocks. I thought the dark blue fabric reminded me of the ocean.

These next four are similar but two have the dark blue blades and two have chocolate brown, with each block having a different contrasting set of points. The first has wavy lines which feel nautical to me.

This one has fabric with passport stamps on it:

Here it is in close up, isn't it great?!

This one's contrast fabric reminded me of seaweed.

The last one has the weathered wood I used in the first blocks I made. I'm trying to tie the blues and browns in the quilt together. I really love the blue fabric in the centre of each of these blocks, looks like ocean waves to me and reminds me of a photo my auntie had on her wall when I was young. I know my brother loved that photo too so I hope he'll see the connection.

The background fabric on these blocks reminds me of some of the seaweed we get at the beach some times, which kind of looks like little elongated berries.  The fabric these are resting on will be used to frame all the blocks to make them square, it reminds me of wet sand.

And now for my centrepiece extraordinaire! Ta da!

I threw in the extra points on this one as it will be right in the centre of the quilt. Its not quite perfectly matched in the centre as I had two sets of two matching pieces and instead of sewing them opposite each other as I intended, I ended up with them next to each other. Sigh! I just can't bring myself to unpick them and redo it so I'm hoping he won't notice if I don't point it out!

This fabric was one of my original inspirations for this quilt but I don't have enough to make four more blocks using it. I do have another set of background wedges in the map fabric cut out so I might just make another blocks using the feature fabric and make a cushion for him for Christmas perhaps.

Its a little hard to picture without the blocks being framed up but I'm planning a layout similar to this.

I didn't quite have enough room on the bed to lay it out properly!

This weekend I'm off to Wallaroo for a sewing weekend and once I have quilted another project I hope to get the frames on all these blocks at the same time as teaching my bestie how to quilt. Hmmm we'll see how that goes!

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Block Swaps and Other Bits and Pieces

My block swap partner for August was Erin in Queensland. Erin had two choices for block and I chose to make her a Road to California as she said she didn't have many of those.

This is the block I sent Erin:

Erin was kind enough to send me two blocks this month, one in each of my colourway options. I have now decided to use these blocks to make a donation quilt to the Calvary Hospice here in Adelaide which is looking for lap quilts to give each of their patients when they come in. My Mum spent some months in the hospice before she died 23 years ago so I would like to do something for them. They only want 48x48" which is perfect for these blocks as they are 12 inch blocks!

On some non-quilty items, my younger son Simon had an exciting day this week when he bought his first car.

Paid for it in cash, not bad for only working a few days a week. He's a saver that boy!

Then we have Miss Olivia who is more of a wrecker!

Which is clearly an exhausting business!

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August UFO Progress (not a finish though)

August has been a funny month, pretty ordinary all around I'd say for a variety of reasons.  I didn't seem to get enough sewing time this month and didn't get my project finished but I have it well underway. My UFO project was to try out the Folded 3D Mariner's Compass Ruler Set which I've had for a couple of years and I did do that so I guess you could say its a finish!

This was my practice block and apart from ending up with the purple on top when I had planned to use it as one of the background colours (note to self to study cutting instructions much more carefully!) it worked out okay.

I have been planning to make my brother a quilt using these blocks and as he will be 60 in November this seemed like the time for a quilt. I have made 4 blocks in one colourway and have a centre block and 4 others in progress. Just need to make one more lot of four and then square them up, then ........ hmmm so quite a bit of work to do yet! So not a finish for August but I've decided this will be September's UFO project too.  Some of my UFO projects I don't have a real need to have finished any time in particular and I need to get this one done!

Any way this is the other block (x4) which I have completed.

My brother has always loved the sea and the river so I am trying to use fabric with a meaning. The centre fabric reminds me of the wood on a jetty. I have other nautical themed fabric and other fabric which is themed around London as his daughter is currently living there.

So that's my August (and September) UFO project so far.

I thought I'd finish with another photo of our lovely 'pup' Olivia who is working on sending me bankrupt. Apart from eating everything in sight , she is (reluctantly) on first name terms with the vet already and we've only had her for 3 months!

I finally managed to get her to smile for me to take a photo, she normally looks really miserable in photos!

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mariner's Compass Quilt - This Month's UFO

Now when I say UFO I really mean not started yet!  A couple of years ago (or maybe more) I bought The Folded 3-D Mariner's Compass set at the Quilt and Craft Fair here in Adelaide and haven't used it yet.  My brother is turning 60 in November (we share the same birth date but we're not twins, he's 8 years older than me!) and has always had an affinity with the sea so I thought I would make him a quilt using these blocks.

I have some fabric I've put together over the last few months but not sure if it will be enough! As I hadn't used the tool before, rather than use up my precious chosen fabrics I thought I'd better make a block with other fabric to try it out and I'm very glad I did. I do think the instructions could be worded better, particularly relating to fabric cutting instructions but the instructions for the method were great.

It came together very quickly and easily and my only issue was that I had planned on the dark purple fabric being at the back and the other darker patterned fabric at the front.  As it is now the purple kind of takes over rather than being a highlight as I had in mind. I have now written on my pattern to make things a bit clearer!

As it was dark by the time I finished, some of the fabric is a bit reflective in the flash photo but you get the idea at least!

I might use this block in a cushion or something!

Now I need to plan the quilt and see if I have anywhere near enough fabric for what I have in mind. If not I think I could make blocks in a couple of colour options and alternate them, we'll see.

Out with the graph paper and pencil I think!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Celestial Stars - Block 2!

Now that I have my July UFO projects out of the way I managed to find the time to put another of my Celestial Star blocks together.

I'm not sure whether I like this one as much but its not too bad.  Here it is laid out on the table waiting to be stitched together.  You can't see it in this photo but I managed to cut off the pointy end of one of the centre wedges when I was trimming them up. Who knows how I managed that but it didn't end up being a problem as it was just inside the seam allowance fortunately so I didn't need to redo it.

Here it is all put together:

Perhaps the reason I don't like this one as much is that there's not enough contrast in the outer ring with the blue and dark green.  Still when all the blocks go together it will probably work.
As a reminder this is the first star I made:

So two down and two to go!  If you'd like to join in the quiltalong too head over to this post at from Blank Pages.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July UFO Projects - Christmas in July

Well my lucky UFO project in the Twelve in Fourteen quiltalong for July was No. 12 which was to use my Christmas charms which I received as part of an online Facebook group quite a while ago.

Seems appropriate, Christmas in July!

I decided to use them to make a couple of table runners.  The first was very simple and involved joining the charms on the diagonal. I decided not to add any wadding when I quilted this one, just a layer of fabric in between the layers. My reason for that is that I want to use this one on our outside table (not forgetting we have hot Christmases here in Adelaide!) and I plan to lay a clear vinyl tablecloth over the top to protect it so didn't want it to have much bulk.

The top is on the left and the back is on the right, although i think it would work on either side!

That only used up one pack of charms though so I had to make something else.

I chose to make a couple more table runners for inside this time. One in the darker charms and one in the lighter, brighter colours.  I didn't do any fancy quilting on them, just basic quilting to hold everything together.

This is the darker one, front and back:

and this is the brighter coloured one, front and back.


The fabric on the back of this one is really nice in real life. The bells have glitter on them.

Finishing the binding on these took 3 times as long as it should as the green I used to quilt them would not play the game when I wanted to use it in a fancy stitch around the binding. I spent an hour and a half unpicking the first side after I had to give up on that thread. The second binding session only took me 15 minutes to top stitch.

Aside from a couple of odd charms leftover these runners used up the rest of the charms, so objective achieved!  Another UFO month successfully completed!

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